Customer Experience Tip # 2 Your Customer Experience – Much More Than Customer Service

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  If I had to chose one important area that most businesses do not understand  when it comes to their customers, it is the difference between their Customer Service and  Customer Experience.  In my  involvement in the customer experience discipline the last 8 years,  I can’t count the number of times people have equated their […]

Tips For Producing High Impact On-Line Videos


Welcome Back to Rock Your Customers. I thought I’d share some thinking on INTERNET VIDEO that  should be meaningful and helpful to your business.   By chance just in case you haven’t heard or read somewhere…. On-Line Video is Exploding. YOUTUBE  NOW DOWNLOADS 60 HOURS OF VIDEO CONTENT PER MINUTE The above was a recent […]

Customer Experience Design Tip #1 Great Customer Experiences Are Intentionally Designed

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       EXPY STAGING TIP #1  Great Customer Experiences Are Deliberately Defined & Planned         Hello again from Saratoga Springs, New York, The Home Base of Story Mavericks & “Rock Your Customers.”  As always, I hope your world is great both personally and professionally.  The topic of this post has been […]

Once Upon A Time – A Practical Tip For All Businesses


Once Upon A Time and Business Touching Hearts – Reaching Minds through Authentic StoryTelling I remember a “Once Upon A Time”, told by my dad to his then still growing tribe of six kids. (It grew to 10 !) The story was about a mean troll who lived under a bridge.  For those of you […]

The WHY’s of On-Line Video in “The Experience Economy”.


The following post has been reedited from the original written on January 2011.   I thought it important to re-establish  the connection for new people to this blog to two business areas we have a passion for.  Customer Experiences and Video Storytelling.  Thanks for stopping by.  We’ll get to the Why’s of Video,  but first […]